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Sportsman's Featured Guests & Trout Fishing Newsletter

Summer Time, Summer Time  2012 


You just gotta come and visit us. All the signs are pointing in the right directions….the river is down (about eighteen feet from a year ago) with tons of fish and wadeable water for at least half the day with light discharges from the dam in the afternoon and evening. Gasoline prices are down and still falling. The temperature is climbing and the pool is up and running. Just a perfect combination for a summer trout fishing getaway with family and friends. Give us a holler and we will take care of you.

As of most of you, we also have had some pretty funky weather so far in 2012. Very mild winter with a lot of rain in March. That got the lake levels rising and in anticipation of our normal heavy rains in May, the corps dumped water to make room for more. May came but “more” rain didn’t. Has been dry as a bone for most of May and June. That should mean the river will remain low with the power company only generating in the afternoon and evenings to peak off demand for air conditioning. That’s great news for our summer time guests who do a lot of wade fishing and for their children who just love to play in the water.

 I do want to give special thanks to our Fish and Game folks who raised the size limit for the browns from 16 to 24 inches. Although we encourage all our guests to release any browns caught, the increase to 24 inches has resulted in large number of these beautiful trout being caught in the 18 to 22 inch range…and they are still in the river waiting for you to take your best shot at hooking up with one. Partner Steve Miller has a ten pounder right across the river from us. Hooked up…yes. Landed…no. That big ole brown knows all the tricks in the book. Favorites are the stump wrap followed by the swim upriver with the quick turnaround and downriver at about sixty mph. Either way the result is this sickening “snap” sound and it’s back to the drawing board.

George, that's a real beauty. Where did you get it?
Picked it up at the "flippin" tobacco shop!

And as always, the fishing for rainbows remains incredible. Just now the Beckcom’s returned from a half day guided trip. I asked how the fishing was. “Amazing. We probably caught sixty fish…and we are worn out.” There are two very happy guests and a guide that did a great job. That’s what it is all about.

Summer is a very special time here at Sportsman’s. It’s a whole lot more than fishing. Folks are outside grilling. You can hear the squeals of the kids at the pool, the clank of the horseshoes and the bounce of the basketball. Strangers talk and become friends.

Children and pets play together. It’s hot…but we have a place where you can always cool down. A swim with the fishies can turn the hottest day into a very cool experience. And the very best part is everyday we get see old friends and meet new ones. If you haven’t already made reservations, please give us a call. We would enjoy having you as our guests. Hope we see you soon.

Your hosts at Sportsman's
Steve, Cindy, Bob and Jim

(800) 626-3474


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